Poems in English

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  1. Love me in these Days of Hatred
  2. The Ballad of the Magic Garden
  3. Handle
  4. Firefly
  5. Solstice in Thule
  6. Sea of Rubber
  7. Whirlpools
  8. Roar
  9. 451
  10. Cellphone
  11. Nicole
  12. Salem
  13. Liger: fathers' cry
  14. Liger: children's cry
  15. Atheism 101
  16. Atheism 201
  17. Belly song
  18. Slavior
  19. Follower
  20. Columbine song
  21. Chance encounter 101
  22. Chance encounter 201


Love me in these days of hatred

Love me in these days of hatred
Kiss me in this loveless home
Talk to me when all is silence
Touch me now that I’m alone.

Let me smell you in this desert
Keep you dry in open seas
Comprehend me in this Babel
Cuddle me in living hell.

Smear my rotting flesh with freshness
Feed my dying hope with joy
Melt my coldness with your laughter
Fill this void with words of love.

In the dark and dead and drizzle
Here in nowhere, here in night
Bring me life and heat and sunshine
With your beauty, with your smile.

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The Ballad of the Magic Garden

A boy who owned a magic garden
Had never left a standing bloom:
The way he had to know he owned
The garden, was to spoil its fruit.

Until, one day, as he was pulling
An alien flower from the earth,
He felt an unbeknownst resistance
And fell down facefirst in the dirt.

As he looked up to snarl and bellow,
The flower opened to a face:
Two hazel eyes, a knowing smile,
The marv'lous traits of goddesses.

This was the spirit of the garden.
The child, at first, ran off in fear,
To tread upon his killing fields
Where withering herbs endured his glee.

But then the spirit grew, becoming
A splendid maiden carved in sensuous
Wood, with leaves as soft as hair,
With lips forever moist with humus.

She spoke to him: "Please come to me
And give to me your blessing, for
Although I have more strength than you,
This is indeed your magic limbo."

He went, acharge with hot desire
To own and to be owned, to be
Destroyer and destroyed. His hands
Were trembling as he neared the tree.

He stared at her for years on end
Eternally frozen in her glance.
When he came to, she was asleep
With flowers growing from her lap.

He turned around to see a forest
Where his old garden used to be.
He knew that though they may be his,
He'd never more murder the trees.

He went and kneeled before the Goddess
And asked of her to be his bride.
He said "Through you I learned to love,
Through you I learned the joy of life."

The Goddess nodded, sadly smiled,
She yawned and turned around to find
A young and cheerful tree, whose boughs
Were blue and purple flower-lined.

"You're just a boy," she said, "I couldn't
Be yours in thousands of your years.
Begone, remember what you learned,
And go and find a life somewhere."

The child - now old - then struck a match
And burned the Goddess and her tree
To ashes, crying: "You're never going
To have another man but me."

The forest, though, had grown so dense
That fire quickly spread around.
Smothered by smoke, scorched by flames,
The boy collapsed and burned. A mound

Of ashes was all that was left.
The magic garden was no more.
The boy looked up and smirked and smiled,
The sun was shining through the smoke.

He waited till the first small leaves
Of grass inhabited the ash.
He picked their tips and under tiny
Uncertain feet their leaves he crushed.

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We're hanging high on a sea of mud
Both clutching tight to our handle;

Why should I be the one who lets go
To kiss the hem of your mantle?

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The Goddess of Brightness
Has ordered your muscles
To smile

She knew that
I'd have been enlightened
And drawn to adore you
At once.

She knew that
A firefly at sunset
I'd run for your light.

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Solstice in Thule

The whiteness of northern skies
Fades slowly and endlessly
With that paleness which tells
Of wisdom in thinning.

Unresolved, ageless, indolent
The sun rolls around like a tongue
In the mouth of a drunk.

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A man in love with whirlpools,
Can he resist the call
Of the mightiest of them all?

Can he forget the craving
Of his whole life,
In front of the Great Mother?

Can he not be drawn towards
The spinniest of all?
The one that'll make him whole?

Wishing to be sucked in,
He'll draw his ship close
And breathe centripetality.

He'll sigh and embrace
The slash of the sea
The ultimate grace.

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She came in roaring and shining like crazy she was
The loudest person and all that flashing and rumbling
Was the sweetest music so we both beat our chests
And howled at the other gorillas and said Fuck you and
Fuck you and we clashed our antlers and we opened
Our mouths to engulf the other and when we grappled
I started sensing her scent and thought we could go
And bash the weaklings it gets boring breaking spines
Alone let's play with the world and of course it took
Some minor adjustments but here we stand now tossing
The world around two beasts two gods two children.

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Can you hear those two strings,
Their mathematical harmony
Stricken by their mistress's bow
Before the concert?

How happy they are of echoing
Free, unfingered, mingling
Their resonances, caressing
Each other's waveforms.

How can she be so cruel
And bend them to human melodies
Like horses yoked, children
Forced to toil for pennies?

Broken families of slaves
Sold to faraway masters,
They bow their heads and sing
To different tunes.

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Sea of Rubber

I was born and grown a pool of crude,
Not only black but slimy;
Cold and dark as ocean-deep water,
Agitated and murky.

But day by day, I find today,
I filmed my surface harder;
I do warm up in the sun, like
A sea of rubber.

Turgidity and bounciness
Are my newest sport;
And the perfume of carbonium
Tickles my heart.

A softer smell and texture,
Yielding but strong;
I am the fabric I wished to lie
My sweet little cheek on.

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I had a slightly cracked in the head good good friend oh yeah
And he like used to talk aloud to himself, he even made sense,
But then he got those funny looks
Those funny looks.

So I bought him this imitation cellphone, the ones kids use, yeah those
That brleep like daddy's real - yeah the ones they use to annoy us,
To talk into when he walks,
When he walks.

(You can guess the rest: the postman
thinks he's an accomplished businessman.)

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Warm resounding rust-red iron,
Tasty vibe, bungee-jumping,
Tinder dry, anthrax grey,
Crackled lacquered fingernails.

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Avenues of momentous murder
Whose audience drivels and drools
Uncouth and rabid-red
At sharp-fanged war with own darkness

What does it matter then
That there's no such thing as witches,
Against the avalanche of screams
By those who crave the devil?

The scariest and smelliest liquids
Are indeed our own secretions
And the most disquieting shadow
Is our own.

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Liger: Fathers' cry

Lightfooted, whisp'ring, caressing the tips of the grassland,
Oh, yes, we burned and slaughtered, we tickled existence
Till we found the golden and powerful castles of stone.
There, the mother-worshippers orgasmed with Earthdom
In a cyclic non-motion, staring down, not ahead, not around.
Oh, sure, we were greedy, we plucked their gems and giggled,
And it was so easy. But greed! Ah! There was so much, so much...
Our stomachs were always so full, and they gave us their honey
And their jewels, their horses, their... did we breed?
God, no! -- at first, but then, after all, who cares,
Let us slide into torpor, it is so sweet, so sweet...

So we did, too full to care much for our bastards,
Too blinded by fat to see the hydras and ligers
Self consuming, desperate, gnawing their own hands,
Who looked up at us screaming Why? Why? Why?
Dragons who kill for the killing, monsters of fire
Whose orgasm is annihilation, as ready to slaughter
As desperate to die. Our sons. Our daughters. A wolf
And a sheep, in one. The race that poisoned the Earth.  

They hated us. They captured their mother as slave,
They spared her to act as the cow. But us? Oh, they knew
We could flee, we could fly, we did not know fear or tears;
So they chased us away to the corners of Earth, and thumped
On our heads. And yet incorrigible germs we could only
Be purified in fire. And they burned us, yes, and not
Just to scald us and laugh, oh, no, to consume us forever
To the finest powder, and even that they feared,
Until we were rivulets, galls in their bladders, just trash.

We are the ones that shouldn't be there, guilty snakes.
It is from my careless incest that you are born, Western Man.

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Liger: Children's cry

We are born but the rabid torn bastards of warriors and farmers
Hydras, ligers, chimoeras. Our eyes seek escape routes
From the cages we cling to with hands, and with feet, and with teeth.
Should we shoot ourselves down with cancer? Maybe, but maybe
We can find a fetish to kill to assuage our deathwish?
It is you - haha! - not me who is worthy of hatred!
So we look around. But the lilies we squeeze and crumple
Are gone. So are honor, joy, freedom and courage.
We live paralysed by fear. And we eat our own children.
And we eat ourselves when all the scapegoats are finished.

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Atheism 101

Why don't I believe
In the immortal soul? So easy,
An illusion so soothing, verified
Only when it's too late.

But no, all my life I have been
On the point of death, when man
Peeps into its nothingness.

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Atheism 201

So, OK, there is no meaning,
No safety net when things go wrong,
No railing to hold on to when the vortex
Engulfs our Soul. And when
The energy wanes, when the sun
Is insufficient to heat us,
We cannot but slide down, on the slippery stone
Because all harnesses are lies, mommy, look, I am free, big deal.

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Belly song

My belly was singing
Such marvelous hums
And coresonating
In head and in heart

My belly was singing
Oh louder and louder
No banging on ceilings
Could stop it from wailing

My belly was singing
Annoying my neighbours
Whose bellies were restless
With songs that could wake them.

My belly was singing
The neighbours were shouting
At the horrible harmony
That threatened their greyness.

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O don't we all desire
That state of puppetness
In which our father kept us
As he carried us around?

Our wish to is so desperate
We're bound by strips so brittle
That we're happy to slaughter
Whomever talks of freedom.

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I want to go where you go
So quit asking me the way:
Look forward, start walking,
I will follow in time,
Uncoil the serpent of steel
And lay it aside.

I will radiate your light,
Be me because I am you,
I'll shed this temporary self
For the real thing.

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Columbine song

The mystic alternative road
Promised an easy stroll
And the no where it went
Was my cradle.

Embracing all that smiled on
And showing them madness:
Oh what a revenge, oh what

The silence was broken at last
By a music from wherever,
With miraculous resonances
In my bowels.

Now they know how I feel:
Tormented by darkness.
The symphony of screams
Has been sung.

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Chance encounter 101

Amazing how a chink of beauty can light up a day
Allowing the turmoiled man a sudden encounter
With the currents of joy that he knows, but miss him entirely.

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Chance encounter 201

Unhindered by the shadows of rules
The young blonde slouches at takeoff,
As relaxed as she is in the tennis court
Where she boredly smashes the guys.

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