Diego Delizia

Welcome to Diego Delizia's poetry site.

You will notice that the site is graphically very poor. It is a choice.

After all, it's about poetry, not graphics.

This is what is offered right now:

More to come.

Please use the feedback form, or mail your comments to delizia@delizia.com


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If you thought you knew what perverse abandon was...
Georges Bataille:
Story of the Eye
The poetry of madness
F. Nietzsche:
Beyond Good and Evil
The most erotic book I ever read
Pierre Louys:
The She-Devils
The Master's Masterpiece
Vladimir Nabokov: Ada, or ardor
It will make you scream
Philip Roth:
American Pastoral
One Paragraph, one Life. Epic and sharp at the same time.
E. Annie Proulx: Accordion Crimes

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